Sketch: Cave

Sketch: Cave
Although I wanted to paint more this year, I hardly get time for that. Happily enough, our student’s exhibition (Sichtwerk 2013) is over hence I don’t have too much to do anymore until the next semester will start. I hope I can do a bunch of sketches during the following weeks.

Well, I think this painting above is a good start. It took me around three hours to finish. (Of course, it’s not perfect yet.)

Exhibition: “Sichtwerk 2013” – Typedesign

Next weekend (12th til 14th of July) an important student’s exhibition of our university will take place. Every class is going to showcase their works that have been developed during the last two semesters.
Our type design class has been busy preparing their part of the presentation for the last few weeks. Since last week, we glued our specimens for letterpress printing and today we have finally started printing.

Here are some impressions of the fonts I made during the last two/three semesters: a transitional serif (regular, italic), a contemporary serif/ humanist serif (regular) and a dynamic slab serif based on a humanist serif.