WIP: Greenhouse

Blender: Greenhouse model 1

A few years ago I saw that someone was using Blender for creating a rough 3D model of a machine hall for his digital paintings. In April 2014 I tried out a nice blender tutorial on youtube. Afterwards I wanted to design my own stuff. But I failed miserably.

Yesterday I thought that it was time for another painting. This time I wanted to make a simple model of a room. No fancy stuff. My idea was to get a solid substructure for the greenhouse I wanted to paint. I had to delete a lot and made several attempts until I finally managed to come up with this. Some tools often didn’t work anymore although they had worked moments ago. I don’t have the slightest idea what I did wrong. I fear I wasted a lot of time deleting and doing the same things over and over again.

Blender: Greenhouse model 2

Blender: Greenhouse model 3

Later I’ll probably mess around with the light source a bit more and render my model properly. I wonder if I’ll succeed in what I’ve planned in Photoshop.