Studies: Landscapes painted by the Old Masters

painting studies of landscapes

When I was younger, I always thought about copying other people’s artwooks as a crime. I was sure you could either draw/paint well by birth or you would never be able do it. Only a few years ago, I eventually learned it is legitimate to learn from other people – all the guys that I appreciate do that!
It was not easy for me to give it a try on my own – poor guilty conscience – but it is starting to make fun.

I interpretated paintings by Frederic Edwin Church, Caspar David Friedrich, John Frederick Kensett, Arnold Lyongrün, Sidney Richard Percy … I hope I didn’t forget anyone. Of course, I didn’t paint on the painting but I placed it in a very small size next to my canvas in Photoshop and tried to imitate the colours as good as possible. For the purpose of a grid showing the results, my canvas size differs from the aspect ratio of the originals. Therefore I also changed the composition a little bit.

This year I want to be productive.